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  Presentation Evening Posted: 28 Jun 2010 - 14:51 by CI Cooper  

On Thursday 24th June 2010 1297 Stonehaven Sqn held a parents/presentations evening for the year ending 2009, the night entailed a tour of what the cadets do on a thursday night for the parents and then on final parade the Wing Padre enrolled the new Sqn Padre and all the cadets. Also the Wing Commander Joan Gilbert-Stevens was on hand to present the Winners of the awards.

The Winners were:

Craig Norman Cup Swimming: Sgt Joe Gray

Sqn Marksman: Sgt Aaron Sangster

Sqn Sportsman: Flt Sgt Andrew Duncan

Pathfinder Trophy: Cpl Calan Henderson

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Awards: Cpl Calan Henderson and Sgt Joe Gray

Best Cadet 2009 Trophy and £100 Vouchers: 3rd Flt Sgt Andrew Duncan, 2nd Cpl Dan Moir, and 1st Sgt Joe Gray for 2nd year running.

National Navigation Award: Flt Sgt Andrew Duncan


Cadet to Cpl Daniel Moir

Cpl to Sgt Joe Gray and Aaron Sangster.

Below is the Offical Change of Command of 1297 Stonehaven as Flt Lt Duncan Campbell handed Command to Flt Lt Callan Kelso formally of 2489 Bridge of Don.

  Exercise Gordon Patrol 2010 Posted: 30 May 2010 - 12:51 by CI Cooper  

Below is a Story from Cadet Moir about the most recent activity Gordon patrol 2010.


On May 28th, Flt Sgt Andrew Duncan, Cpl Joe Gray, Cdt Dan Moir, And Cdt Scott Darroch took part in the Gordon Patrol Event. The Gordon Patrol is a 12 mile run about Bennachie. The race is along the Gordon way of Bennachie and has several big hills and rough terrain. The team did fantastic and we took 5th place out of 15 teams.


We were late in turning up to the starting point, and when we got there we were told we'd be leaving within 10 minutes and so we had a mad rush to get prepared but we did it no problem and set off into the forest. The weather was pretty decent, there was like a few little showers of rain, nothing to bad though and the rest of the time it was quite either sunny or warm. We did very well as a team and no one was left behind. Cpl Gray suffered a foot injury which meant he was limited to how much running he could do, despite the injury he still did very well to keep walking and running to make it to the finish line. The scenery throughout the run was fantastic; I really enjoyed and took advantage of my phone for taking several pictures. We were the third team to cross the finish line, but because of the times of other teams we were 5th place overall, which is still a fantastic achievement for our team and our Sqn.


  Cadet Wapinshaw 2010 Posted: 30 May 2010 - 12:47 by CI Cooper  

The Following event took place on May 9th 2010. below is a brief story from Cadet Moir about the Wapinshaw shoot. 

Our shooting team took part in the Cdt Wapinschaw Competition on May 9th. The team came a fantastic 2nd place and we also took back a trophy that Flt Sgt Andrew Duncan won for the best individual score. The team was Flt Sgt Andrew Duncan, Cpl Aaron Sangster, Cpl Joe Gray, and Cdt Daniel Moir. The Wapinschaw has 2 parts to it, the normal shoot and the falling plates. We came 2nd in both competitions which was a good result, We also got to take part in a clay pigeon shooting competition, this was a good laugh because none of the team had ever done it before, it's much much harder than it looks. On the falling plates we won the first round and lost to next team, it was a close competition but we did our best. We took home the second place trophy and the best individual score trophy.

Good effort team :)


  Buchan Express 2010 Posted: 30 May 2010 - 12:33 by CI Cooper  

Here is a story about the recent cadet activity the Buchan Express. written by Cadet D Moir.

On April 18th 2010, 4 Cdts from 1297 SQN took part in the annual Buchan Express. The Buchan Express is a 42 mile cycle from Peterhead, out to Ellon and down into Dyce. Cpl Joe Gray, Cdt Dan Moir, Cdt Sam Jones, And Cdt Angus Matheson took part in the event and came out an excellent 5th place out of 18 teams!


We set off as the 16th team and within the first 5 minutes of our cycle we had over taken 4 teams. We were doing really well for 4 guys who'd had no training at all, we ended up a few miles in front of the 12 teams behind us and we had been chasing the team in front for about 15 minutes and finally they stopped for a break, and this is when we put the pace on and really pushed ourselves. We had passed the halfway checkpoint and Joe had to get his tires pumped up because they had a puncture, we set off again with Angus leading the team, and doing a fantastic job. Time just flew by and before we knew it we had hit the 2nd last check point, and it was about 5 miles to the finish, the last 5 miles seemed to last for ages, we just kept pushing to end and finally came back to the Dyce SQN where we met up with the other teams and the presentations started. We took 5th place and were extremely happy that we'd done our best and we headed home to our beds.

A Big thank you to Cdt Dan Moir for the story and the pictures can be seen in the photo albums.


  Raf Akrotiri Easter Camp Posted: 13 May 2010 - 11:19 by CI Cooper  

The following story is from Cadet Rachel Park about her experience of the recent Easter Camp in Cyprus.

RAF Akrotiri Easter Camp

By Cadet Rachel Park.

This Easter I attended RAF Akrotiri which is an overseas camp in Cyprus.  It is a regional camp which means that cadets from Scotland, England and Northern Ireland attend.  The camp is held over 10 days which includes travel to and from Cyprus. On arrival you receive a brief explaining what your week will entail, this year the activities were Military exercises.

The Military exercises consisted of rock climbing, abseiling, adventure training, live firing of the A1 rifle and a trip to the UN Border where we experienced what life would have been like during the war between the Turkish and Greeks.

The leisurely days involved raft building, go karting, and trips to local towns were we enjoyed a lovely boat trip out to sea.  The Camp Commander organized little treats for us all in the evenings such as bowling, movie nights and best of all was the disco.

I have been in cadets for a little over a year now and feel extremely honored to have attended an overseas camp.  It is a great opportunity and I would recommend it to any cadet who enjoys a challenge doing activities that are on offer in everyday life. It is also important to remember that while you are there your responsibilities are as representatives of the Air Training Corps and to gain as many positive experiences from it as possible.

Finally I would just like to say a huge Thank you to Flt Lt Campbell for putting my name forward for this camp.  It was an amazing experience and it will stick with me in many years to come.  This camp has defiantly motivated me even more to pursue a career in the RAF!

Cadet Rachel Park.

So for all those cadets wishing to take part in future Camps read her Story.

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